Monthly Archives: April 2016

Freedom and other happenings

Free at last!  I had three weeks of at Christmas after a 4 month hitch.  I then reported back on for another 93 days, which turned into 104 days due to a mechanical issue.  I can’t complain too much because it is what I signed up for.

There were definitely some low points along the way.  Both of my wife’s grandparents passed away while I was at sea.  They were married for 73 years and passed about a month apart and were a huge part of our lives .


Last week my oldest girl’s dog, Whopper, had to be put to rest due to liver and kidney failure.  He was a key part of our family and will be dearly missed.

Our ship goes into the yard for a mid-life refit starting in June.  The yard is period is scheduled for 10 months, but likely will be longer.  Our girl in getting new power, new unified bus, new plumbing, paint, bridge configuration,  furniture,  hvac, and a long list of other things.

So the long hitches were to make some extra money, bank more comp time, and rack up as much seatime as possible.

In a couple weeks I will be starting a license prep course at Crawfords Nautical School in Ballard, WA for 6 weeks.  Then I’ll go take a test at the USCG for a 1600 Mate ticket.

In the meantime, I’ll be running a couple 6 pack halibut charters out on the coast and attending to my wife’s honey – do list and just enjoy being home for a bit.

When I get a little downtime, I’ll get a few posts up about our adventures.