Monthly Archives: June 2015


Sorry for the lack of recent updates.  We’ve been super busy and when there was a chance to update Blue Ocean Mariner either we didn’t have sufficient bandwidth or I wanted to get off the ship for a bike ride, beer, whatever.

The last update was a fishing update from our trip to the equator and was made while we were in San Diego.  I still have a full report to post on that trip once I get a full connection and time ( like when I get home). 

We left SD and transitioned North to the Columbia River where we went upriver to Portland, OR for a 5 day shipyard period.  A repair was made to our bow thruster and we had our 5 year ABS hull inspection as well as a USCG inspection.

We actually loaded for a science trip while in the drydock.  The trip was to placd a mooring off of the Washington coast and all of the group’s equipment and personel were brought onboard in the yard.  We were at full capacity as the trip, while actually providing some actual science (deploying a science buoy and instruments), was also filled with students and several other people who had no reason to be onboard other than to take up space, eat food and watch movies.  Fine and dandy until it was time to leave the dry dock and the shore power connection was disconnected and we had a four hour period before the ships power could be used.  That means no running water and no heads.  The poor little darlings have never expirienced such horror.

We left Portland and dropped our buoy off the coast on the way to Seattle.   We offloaded in Seattle then took on fuel and returned to our home dock inside Lake Union, which means locking through the Ballard Locks.  This lock through was a first for me as I was the helmsman for the trip.  Believe me when I tell you it is a Fucking Tight fit.  Add to it, that it was the day after Memorial Day and several clueless yacht owners were seriously close to being weeded out of the gene pool.  Words can’t explain some of the shit they are capable of.  If I only had a go pro for moments like these.

We reloaded for a trip to Station Papa in the Gulf of Alaska and that is where I’m currently updating from.   We end this trip in Dutch Harbor in a couple weeks and then go out to deploy around 70 sensors around an active volcano  / fault line in the Aleutian Islands.   I’ll get lots of pics and update when the stars align.

Until then, be good!