Worldwide Shipping Lanes Video

Here is a cool video that makes it really easy to see just how busy some of world’s most busy shipping lanes really are. Most people don’t give two hoots about how most things they use daily come from. Almost everything we use daily is shipped via ship, train, or truck, and sometimes multiple variations of these combined. In this video you can clearly see the pathways that enable shippers to get from point A to point B and how popular those routes are.

Through the use of AIS (automatic Identification System), this video is possible:


3 thoughts on “Worldwide Shipping Lanes Video

  1. Capt Jill

    cool video! You’re right, most people don’t ever think about how the things they use everyday got there, I guess they figure they just come from the stores?
    Sailors are mostly forgotten by everyone (until they have some sort of accident that affects everybody else- if it’s only affecting the ships crew, they don’t care at all)


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