Wind in your face, you’re in the right place

I pre-wrote the following post in case the internet sucked up here in the Gulf of Alaska. The internet has been barley working. The weather has been rough and we are getting our butts kicked. We are almost to Station Papa and should be setting out two new moorings and retrieving another over the next two days. Will update as soon as possible. Happy New Year!

(This is the Gorge Power House on the Skagit River in Newhalem, WA where my gradfather was the chief machinist. My grandparents moved here when the highway ended in Newhalem a long long time ago).

My two favorite things to do when I’m off the ship include fishing and riding my new (to me) Harley.

One of the common sayings when fishing with live bait (anchovies) for tuna was “Wind in your face, your in the right place”. By dropping your bait over the rail on the windward side, the boat would drift away from your bait rather than over the top of it if you were on the leeward side. To help rookies remember the proper side, the saying went “wind at your back, no fish in your sack”.

Since selling my boat last summer and shipping out on the Thomas G. Thompson, I haven’t had too many opportunities to get on a good tuna trip. Luckily for me, my former first mate, Marlin Mike, has kept my freezer fully stocked with fresh fish. I am very thankful for that.

The ISO KALA….I sure do miss her!
ISO KALA Overnight Running

Last summer I bought a 1999 Harley Electra Glide from my Uncle and have been having a blast riding it all over the place. One great advantage to the mariner life is that when you are home, you can do things mid-week when everyone else is at work. Riding my bike during the week has allowed me to avoid crowds on weekends. I love to crank up the tunes and get some wind in my face on the open road.

IMG_20140823_120424_547 - Copy



Totally unrelated:
I nearly forgot to mention that I happened to be at the University Bookstore in Seattle a couple months back and saw Mick Fleetwood of the band Fleetwood Mack:


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