The photo above is the best shot I could get of Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands as we passed by yesterday morning.  We were several miles offshore and even from that distance, the terrain looks nearly impassable let alone to try and make an amphibious beach assault, advance against a determined and fortified enemy, and even be able to move equipment and supplies forward.  Yet that is exactly what the U.S. Servicemen did here during WWII.  Their accomplishments are even more amazing after seeing this place in person even from this far away.  I give the fullest respect and honor to those who were here and fought.





In other news: I received the dreaded phone call from home yesterday and will be cutting the trip short at the next port in a couple days.  My mom is a fighter and I’m going to go be with her and whip her into shape and get her back to her fighting weight very soon. 

You all be good while I’m away!


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