Superbowl Monday

Today is the Superbowl with the Seattle SEAHAWKS vs. Denver Broncos.


Superbowl Monday doesn’t quite have the same ring as Superbowl Sunday but that’s what our crew is dealing with today.  We (the deck dept.) usually have a mellow Sundays at sea.  The day workers will take one half of the watch and the watch standers will cover the other half.  This week with all of the science, mooring deployments, and fubar equipment the Sunday routine was forgotten.  I even missed the Friday poker game because I forgot it was Friday.  I really like playing poker with the scientists…..its like stealing candy from a baby.
  The captain, also being from Washington, decided we would shift our Sunday routine to Superbowl Monday.  So we have a chill day to watch the big game.  Except for we don’t have satellite TV, or enough bandwidth to stream the game.  So we can watch ESPN online which shows a graphic of a football field and you can see the ball move down the field.  There is also a text description of each play.  That’s as good as it gets for us today. We’ll take it!





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