The far side of the world….. the long way






At least that is what it feels like now that I’m boots down in Apia Samoa.  I flew out of Seattle on Saturday to Vancouver B.C. to Auckland New Zealand to Apia Samoa.  Our in flight video screen showed the plane passing directly over Samoa on the way to Aucklund.  Would have saved z ton of trouble to make a quick stop in Samoa.  Oh well.  At least one of my two bags arrived and we don’t depart for a few days.  Maybe it will arrive in time (fingers crossed).

While in Seattle I ran into my captain in the airport and his flight was going from Seattle to SF Bay to Auckland New Zealand and then on to Samoa.  Unfortunately his flight to SF was delayed and he missed his connection to Aucklund.

Its in the high 80s today and very humid.  I’m officially melting.

Since I was last on the ship, the WiFi has been changed and it mag be more difficult to show photos.  As things settle in I’ll find out what works and get the photos flowing….hopefully.

(Writing this from my phone…hopefully it works!)


2 thoughts on “The far side of the world….. the long way

  1. Sherri

    The photos came through great, Todd. This is going to be fun reading about your travels. Hope the rest of your luggage arrives before the ship sails!

  2. Auntie Marilyn

    Toddy, Glad to hear you made it safe to Samoa. Weather here in Phoenix is still beautiful and probably not as humid. You’re starting an awesome adventure. We all are really happy to follow you around. Thanks for the great picture too. They came thru just fine. Have a great time buddy. Love Auntie Marilyn and Uncle Steve


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