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Blue Ocean Mariner Thanks You For A Great Year!

BOM Country Views 2013

Thank you for an excellent 2013 and I’d like to wish everyone a very happy New Year!

Blue Ocean Mariner started on Jan. 9 (not quite one full year ago). Here are some website stats from the year 2013:

Page Views: There were 5,353 page views (today not included)

The best single day for views was 139.

The page was viewed in 84 countries around the world (see photo above).

The top posts on Blue Ocean Mariner were:
#1 Edison Chouests Aviq Visits Everett
#2 Anchor Handling Operation Video

The top refers to the site were:
#1 Search engines (Google)
#3 (thanks Ben!)
(special mention to Rigmover – climbing fast)

The top Categories:
#1 Ships & Boats
#2 Uncategorized
#3 Puget Sound

2014 Will have lots of new content as I gear up to head out on my next hitch. I’m not really sure if “hitch” is appropriate. Deployment seems to fit better. Whether it is a hitch or a deployment, doesn’t really matter but it is going to be a long one. I asked for it, so I can’t complain at all. With the planned hitch, I was going to be 10 days short for my next USCG upgrade. I asked if I could extend a little bit and was rewarded with quite a bit more time onboard. Lucky me! There are some huge bonuses of doing things this way that I’ll share as things get underway. I decided to not spill the beans about where I’m headed to, but will post as I encounter them. I will tell you this much: the weather is much different where I’m headed, from where I currently am.

Stay safe in 2014!


Thomas G. Thompson video taken from a drone

Here is a cool video taken by a drone late last summer onboard the Thomas G. Thompson (on which I sail as Able Seaman).

The video of the ship at the dock is at the University of Washington in Portage Bay (Lake Washington).

The video showing us backed up to a buoy is off La Push, WA while deploying a scientific mooring (after we pulled it for maintenance approx 10 days earlier.

The video of the ship in the narrow channel is in Seattle’s Ship Canal and Ballard Locks which leads from Puget Sound to Lake Washington.

The video was made by Paul Sharpe who used a homemade drone. The drone was made from a Tupperware container.

Here is the video:

The Mighty Aviq Sets Sail

Aviq Track


The impressive Aviq has put her stern to Everett. AIS shows her destination as “US^0U6Y<", which I have no idea where that is. I will miss seeing her in the harbor, however a vessel like this is meant to be on the sea, not tied up in port sitting dark. I wish her a good voyage and a sucessful year.

More pictures:






Victoria Clipper Ferry Stolen

Victoria-clipper 1

victoria clipper 2



The King 5 News story is here with pictures.

The Victoria Clipper Ferry was stolen early Sunday Morning in an attempt to get a ride to West Seattle (which you can walk to).  The single perp was able to cast the lines and get the ferry started, but the joystick controls confounded him and he ended up doing circles in Elliot bay.  The USCG and Seattle Swat teams boarded the vessel where the guy locked himself in the pilothouse.  They finally captured him and the Clipper was returned under her own power. 

I wonder how this could have happened if the guy didn’t have a TWIC Card?