Over the horizon

I have lots of catching up to do as soon as I arrive home.  In an effort to reduce the amount of luggage I have to lug around, I had my wife come by the boat and take a whole bunch of stuff home for me (originally, I was supposed to change out in Seattle so I packed heavy, but I was able to work over and now crew change will be in South America).   One of those items was my laptop confuser.  I have lots to fill you in on once I get back to shore.

For now, we are rounding Point Conception, California steaming along nicely.  Our destination lies approx. 3200NM further down the line and will be the first time I’ve ever crossed the equator.  I’ve been assured there is no initiation naval type running around in your underwear with baby oil type stuff.  I was instead told I’d receive a certificate.

Tomorrow the hand lines get deployed in a serious effort to catch some meat.

Pictures and a full report in a couple of weeks.  Until then, stay classy San Diego.


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