R/V Thomas G. Thompson

My first Able Seaman job has landed. The pesky RFPNW seatime has made the search much more challenging because I don’t currently work for a company with ship large enough to earn the required seatime. For any other newbs reading this, here is the word of the day: Persistance. I called, emailed, called, visited, called, and emailed some more, all of the companies I could find that had the appropriate sized vessels. Many of the Port Captains and HR people at these companies know my name from my frequent calls. I was just about to jump on a tug making freight runs to Western Alaska, which was a really cool job, but didn’t satisfy the seatime for RFPNW, when the current opportunity arose. After looking far and wide, the University Of Washington (my backyard) called and offered me a relief position on the Thomas G. Thompson Research Vessel. This is working out perfectly, as the Thompson is 3056 tons! Here are some pictures:





Here is the ship’s website.

I don’t know alot about the trip I will be on, other than we are loading the ROV Jason and heading out in the Pacific. I will be posting progress along the way. Until then: Stay thirsty my friends!


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