As a kid growing up, I’ve had to flush my sick goldfish down the hole, bury several beloved pet dogs for various reasons, attend many of my own kids’ pet funerals, like the hamster, frog, etc., but today was just as hard as having to bury one of my trusted hunting dogs. I sold my boat, the “ISO KALA”. ISO KALA means “Big Fish” in Finnish and my grandma would say, as I left to go fishing with my grandpa, catch lots of “Iso Kalas”.

She was an incredible sea boat for the last seven years. I have enjoyed the bejesus out of her and already miss her, even though she’s only been gone a few hours. I was seriously lucky finding the buyer, who will be a perfect fit for her and take excellent care of her in the future.

I sold her, as there will be very little time for me to use her over the next couple of years. There will be a post about this sometime next week.

So for now, myself and the crew are going to hoist our glasses with some fine Crown Royal, also known as Clown Oil and drown our sorrows. Here are some pictures of our life together:




ISO KALA Overnight Running

UW Lights

Another boat will be in my future. It may take two or three years before I’m ready to jump back in, but I really like the names Duffy, Wesmac, Calvin Beal, Northern Bay, Flowers and Lowell Brothers to name a few.

5 thoughts on “There’s a tear in my beer

  1. Paul B

    That’s a hard thing,and I’m sorry to hear it. I’m assuming that you’re selling while you claw up the ladder? As for those designs you talked about, Wesmacs are light and strong, a little tough on the back but a well-built boat. Northern Bay has the 42′ ex-OEM mold. That hull and the MDI Boatworks 45 are the best commercial fishing hulls made in the Downeaster fashion. Beamy, solid and phenomenal seakeeping.

  2. towertodd Post author

    Did the two boat thing for a few months once. Needed to sell to make room for the newer one, even though it will be 2 or 3 years as I build some seatime and get a bunch of courses out of the way before I can seriuosly look for another boat.

    Would love a MDI or OEM as well. There are very few DE’s on this coast and I think they would work excellent in our waters.

  3. rkersey8

    Man I just found this blog today. We are litterally living paralell lives. I am 41, I have a business that runs itself and I am changing careers. I am taking my AB seaman course at Columbia Pacific Maritime in PDX at the end of this month. I am considering selling my 29′ Twin Volvo off shore fishing vessel for the same reasons. Any regrets????


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