RFPNW…..Very Soon

My airline ticket is booked, room booked, car rented, class reserved and I’m ready to go. Now all I have to do is wait for the calender to click off until it is time to depart. This course is called RFPNW (Ratings Forming Part Of A Navigstional Watch). It is somewhat obscure as far as learning what is required, how to aquire what is required and where to aquire it. The USCG has a policy letter (14-02) that lays out many items, but there are many unanswered questions as well. I have found a course at Fletcher Technical College and spoke with the course instructor a couple of times. They are helpfull and one of the only places that really laid out what I need to do to get this endorsement completed. If you are in a similar place as me regarding RFPNW, it would be wise to contact the school and talk with the instructor.

Until then, I will be adding a few more posts from things around the Everett area and other maritime related posts.

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