The Western Flyer a.k.a F/V Gemini

The Western Fyer / FV Gemini just after being raised in the fall of 2012

Western Flyer
Here she is as of March 3, 2013

The wreck of the Fishing Vessel Gemini in Swinomish Channel (A narrow channel near Anacortes, WA connecting Skagit Bay in the South to Padilla Bay in the North) has been identified as the Western Flyer. The Western Flyer has a long a storied past, most significatly, she was chartered in 1940 by author John Stienbeck for an extended trip to the Sea of Cortez. From this trip, Stienbeck authored “The Log of The Sea of Cortez”.

Stienbeck’s 1940 Trip Through The Sea Of Cortez:
This trip was just a few years after he wrote “Grapes of Wrath” and “Of Mice And Men”. Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962.

The Western Flyer later was used a king crab boat out of Dutch Harbor, Alsaka with a very young deckhand from Norway aboard as cook / deckhand named Sverre Hansen, father of Deadliest Catch Stars Sig and Edgar Hansen.

The Western Flyer had been sitting along side the Swinomish Channel for several years and everytime I passed her, I thought that it was a old tribal derelict vessel. It is amazing to read the stories of some of these old girls and the adventures they have been part of. She first sank in the fall of 2012 as noted in the link below, but she also sank a second time earlier this year. A friend of mine recently snapped the photo above on March 3rd.

To read more if this vessel’s history, please follow this link:
The Western Flyer


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