Twenty and a Tow

Aniversary Tow


Yesterday marked my twentieth anniversary to my better half.  How she ever put up me that long, I have no idea. I half jokingly told her “watch, the phone will ring while we are at dinner and I’ll have to go tow some disabled boater in”.

Just as we were a couple miles from home, heading to our dinner reservation, the phone rang and it was Vessel Assist Dispatch.  They had a case of a broken down sailboat at the mouth of the Snohomish River near the Everett Naval Station.

The weather was overcast, but not windy, so my wife said she would go with me and then we would go to dinner.  We were underway in 25 minutes and at the river mouth in 35.  No sign of any boat other than Naval Security.  I called the guy on the phone (no VHF) and he said he was half way to Hat (Gedney) Island.  Well that is about 4 miles from where they said they were.  Some peoples descriptions of where they are just don’t make sense. 

I had one tow last summer in the middle of the night where the guy said he was in the middle of the ferry lane off of Mukilteo.  I motored out there and couldn’t find him.  I got him on the phone and he still insisted that he was in the Mukilteo Ferry lane.  Of course he had no GPS position or VHF but he did have a smart phone.  I told him to download a GPS program and call me back with the coordinates.  A few minutes later he called back with his position……..he was 15 miles away just off of Edmonds Ferry. Please have a working radio and a gps at a minimum!

So we hooked up the tow, brought her into their slip (even had my wife manning the boat hook on the bow) and headed to a lovely dinner overlooking Puget Sound at Ivar’s Seafood House in Mukilteo.



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