Edison Chouest’s AIVIQ visits Everett

Edison Chouest’s 360′ Icebreaking Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) AIVIQ has arrived in Everett (as noted in my previous post).
A few quick notes about her:
She’s 360′ Length x 80′ Wide x 34′ Draft
Bollard Pull of 200 Metric Tons
Carries 528,155 gals. of fuel
Heliport suitable for a Sikorsky S92 helicopter on the bow
Main Propulsion is Four Caterpillar C280-12 diesel engines, producing 5,444 hp each
She can make 5 knots through one meter (3.28′) of ice
She’s manned by a crew of 24. Here is the list:
1 Master Unlimited
1 Chief Officer Unlimited
1 Second Mate Unlimited
2 Third Mates Unlimited
1 Chief Engineer Unlimited
1 Assistant Engineer Unlimited
1 Second Assistant Engineer Unlimited
2 Third Assistant Engineers Unlimited
4 ABs
4 QMEDs (qualified member, engineering department)
4 Oilers
4 Ordinary Seamen
2 Food Handlers

See the AIVIQ’s Specs from Workboat.com Here.

She is an impressive vessel to say the least! I took a little cruise around the harbor today to get some photos and see her up close. Luckily for me, the U.S.S. Stennis has left port, so the security inside the harbor was a bit more relaxed. As I was slowly motoring out of the Snohomish River, I passed the Navy security patrol vessel headed upstream. I waved them over and, figuring it was better to ask permission rather than forgiveness as I would normally do, I asked if they would mind if I entered the harbor to take photos of AIVIQ and they said no problem. So I stayed wide off the Navy pier and as far away from the docked Navy ships as possible so as not to bother anyone or raise any hackles at the base.
I was hoping to also see the Ocean Wave, Crowley’s powerhouse tug and the Sisuaq, Harvey Gulf’s Tiger Class Supply Vessel that was also in Everett, but just as I was leaving home to head to the marina, I received an email from Marine Traffic showing that both of these vessels had departed Everett.

I wanted to do this little cruise yesterday, but it was raining so bad I thought I’d wait a day for better photo weather. Today turned out to be rainy and windy also, but I figured I shouldn’t wait any longer or the AIVIQ may also depart. I grabbed my wife’s fancy Nikon (she’s not home) and snapped the photos. I need to take lessons on using a real camera and I’m not sure why the photos appear small on this blog. I’m still learning how to use this site and all of the features that is contains of which there are many. I hope to take good vessel photos like New England Waterman does someday.

AIVIQ with the Everett Alumadome. The alumadome holds wood chips for loading.

The Navy patrol vessel can be seen in this photo:


AIVIQ is an impressive sight up close!













Just past where AIVIQ is tied up to the North, is where Dunlap Towing is located:



Just behind the AIVIQ is Brusco Tug & Barge:



Some Harbor Cranes

The Everett Alumadome again:


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