This week’s job – Red October


If all goes well, we will departing Thursday morning, to take advantage of a really nice weather window, aboard the 50′ x 14’6 trawler “Red October”. This is a fairly quick job from Seattle to San Francisco and should take around 4 days (820 NM). The boat is a West Coast veteran, having sailed between Baja and Alaska on several occasions with her previous owners. Now she is to become a live aboard in SF. Tomorrow I will deliver all of the gear to the boat, get it stowed, go grocery shopping, time everyone getting on their survival suits, double check the systems, spare filter supplies, etc. It is commercial crab season off the W. Coast, so we will need to stay out deeper than 350′ to avoid all of the pots. Along the Washington Coast, this can mean being out 25 – 30 miles off the coast. The further South along Oregon / N. Cal it is more like 15 miles off. This boat, while not fast, is very comfortable and has hydraulic stabilizers.

My new MMC credentials came in the mail on Saturday, so as soon as I return from this trip, I will be booking a trip to Louisiana to take the RFNPW course.


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