1927 Historic Seattle Fireboat, Alki, Up For Auction

1927 Fireboat "ALKI"

1927 Fireboat “ALKI”

Here is your chance to buy a fire boat.  Currently selling through seattle auction company Bidadoo on ebay.

Here are some details:

You are bidding on the City of Seattle’s Historic Fireboat Alki.

This boat has a long history with the City of Seattle. Built in 1927 in Oakland, CA, the Alki was Seattle’s third fireboat, and was originally gasoline powered. At that time, it was dubbed “The world’s largest fireboat” and “The most powerful firefighting vessel of its kind”. In 1947 it was repowered with two GM 500 HP supercharged diesel engines that remain today. When it was repowered, the original pump capacity was increased from 12,000 GPM to 16,200 GPM.

It currently acts in a reserve firefighting role for the City. Due to its large pumping capacity, the Alki can also provide fresh water to the City in the event of major disaster, as well as act as a floating fuel point to resupply land-based emergency apparatus – it carries more than 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

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• Vessel Name: Alki
• Official Number: 231095
• Year Built: 1927 (repowered in 1947)
• Gross Tonnage: 196
• Net Tonnage: 133
• Draft: 9 ft
• Length: 123′ 6″
• Beam: 26′
• Height: 27′ 4″

Terms and Conditions:
• It is the intent of the City to pass ownership of the Alki to a responsible party.
• The sale will not be allowed unless insurance coverage is in place and there is reasonable representation from the buyer of legal moorage for the vessel. The objective is the Alki not become an abandoned and derelict vessel, thereby causing a liability for governmental agencies and the environment.
• The Alki is a documented vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard. Documentation of the transfer of ownership to the new owner is a requirement of the terms and conditions of the auction sale. The auction company may assist in that requirement for an additional $400 fee, if needed to complete the transaction.

Boat Specifications
• Fuel Capacity: 8,290 gallons of diesel
• Pumps
◦ (6) Byron Jackson 4-stage centrifugal pumps, powered by GM twin 6-71 diesels, 380 HP, capacity of 16,200 GPM at 120 PSI
◦ (2) Byron Jackson single stage centrifugal pumps, 100 GPM, powered by 20 HP Westinghouse DC motors
• Generators
◦ (1) 45 HP GM 3-71 3 cylinder diesel, driving 20 kW generator
◦ (1) 128 HP GM 6-71 6 cylinder diesel, driving 60 kW generator
• Propulsion
◦ (2) 500 HP GM 8 cylinder supercharged diesels
◦ (2) Propellers, 48″ diameter
◦ (4) Underwater maneuvering jets/thrusters
• Electronics
◦ (1) Furuno primary radar (color display)
◦ (1) Furuno secondary radar (monochrome display)
◦ (1) VHF radio, Depth sounder
• Hull Type: Riveted steel plate

Firefighting Equipment
• (8) Monitors
◦ (1) Pilot House monitor with 6-1/2″ barrel w/3″ & 3-1/2″ tips
◦ (6) Trunk deck monitors w 2″ to 3″ tips
◦ (1) Stern monitor
• (16) 3-1/2″ deck hose ports
• (1) Under dock magnum size fog nozzle rated at 2,500 GPM


For more information on this unit including full specifications, view the specification sheet


• The vessel is being sold “as is”
• Vessel and equipment maintained in ready reserve fire fighting capacity and is operational
• Regular periodic inspection and maintenance performed, last haul out was performed roughly two years ago
• See video for engine and pump operation demonstration

Inspections and Previews:

Results of the last inspection can be made available for qualified bidders by addressing bidadoo. Further inspections of the vessel prior to close of the sale may be available by special request and appointment, but must be approved and scheduled by the auction company and the fire department. Access to the vessel without qualifications will not be available. The auction company will make all attempts at auction close to transfer and impart operating history and operational instructions to the new buyer that are available. Log books of the vessel that exist will be included and transferred to the new owner.

We encourage you to bid to own a piece of Seattle’s heritage. Questions can be directed to bidadoo at 206-442-9000 or the “ask a question” eBay feature.

Items Not Included in Sale:

• Under canopy cover on the deck are AFFF foam pumps and tanks. They will be removed upon close of the auction.
• Any specialized or personal firefighting equipment present in the photos will not be included in the sale, such as air tanks, turnout gear, specialized nozzles and hoses.
• Firefighting communication radios will not be included and will be removed prior to close of the sale.
• Navigation instrumentation shown will be included.
• Spare parts specialized to the maintenance and operation of the Alki on board the boat will be included as part of the sale.

• If the reserve price of this auction is not met, the vessel will be auctioned at no reserve on Thursday March 14th, 2013.


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