Progressing Slowly!

Progressing slowly!  As you can see the little red arrow has moved right one place.  I was hoping for more movement this week.   I’m really hoping this jumps a few places next week. The medical review part should be a breeze. All of my physical reports and medical stuff is really good. You never can tell how long this might sit on some one’s desk though.

Exhibit B

In other news:  I downloaded a free chartplotter program off the Internet called opencpn3.0 and downloaded the entire U.S. West Coast Raster Charts from NOAA.  Pretty cool little program available for anyone and it was pretty simple uploading the charts.  All I need to do now is buy a Globalsat BU-353 GPS Receiver off of Ebay or Amazon for $35 and I’ll be all set.

Somewhere along the process, I lost the “open with” ability that you get when you right click with your mouse.  I use that allot and now feel naked without it.  Tried to Google for a fix and most of the people with answers are speaking computer geek so I have no frickin clue how to fix this without calling my local computer nerd to rescue me.  Maybe I will try to phone a Friend first.

Edit:  I found a website that made restoring “open with” easy.  Here is the link if you should need it:

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