AB Complete

GREAT SUCCESS!  Today was the last day of the ABLE SEAMAN course.  There were two tests given with 50 questions each.  I passed with 92% (missed 4) on each one.  Reviewing the missed questions, there were a couple I really just guessed on, but more commonly I made a stupid mistake and either didn’t fully read the question or knew the answer and marked the wrong choice.  70% on each test was needed to pass.  After the testing was done, I was issued a certificate that will be presented to the Coast Guard when I turn in my paperwork, physical, applications, sea time, etc.  I will also take in my Basic Safety Training and Life Boatman certificates.

This course was taught by a retired 30 year vet of the Coast Guard, who also holds an unlimited master ticket.  He shared lots of sea stories that helped to tie into the material we were studying.  Everyone at Compass Courses was terrific, friendly and very helpful.  If you are looking for a place to take some courses, consider going here.

Here is a display set up at the school showing many types of safety gear.  Many of these are discontinued or out of date.  It is neat to see how some of these work without it “going off”.


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