Signed up for courses!

  It took a little bit of doing, but I offically begin classes at Compass Courses in Edmonds, WA on Monday next week.  I talked with them a couple of different times and just before I signed up I decided to ask the professional mariners on the web forum GCaptain for any reviews of the school before I shelled out the money to an unknown enitity.  All of the reviews were very positite, in fact more than I expected.  So I called to sign up and got ahold of a very nice man with a thick Northeast Accent who was filling in by answering the phones.  He is normally an instructor at the school, but he said all of the normal office staff were on other temporary assignments and should return the next day.  That next day was yesterday and I called multpile times with not answer.  First thing this morning my phone rang and it was the office calling me back and appologizing for the delay.

  I signed up for Able Seaman, Basic Safety Training and Proficincey in Lifeboat Training.  These all look very interesting to me and I am excitied to get started.


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